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Athletic | Techie | Cat Fan | Husband


Domain's of Focus

Digital Transformation Leader

A strong knowledge and experience of new and emerging technologies ranging from: Industry X.0, Blockchain, Internet-of-Things, Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence and Data Analytics.

Software Engineer

Develop and share client-side and serverless code examples, to futher enable customer team on harnessing the power of various technical platforms across

User Experience Consultant

Creating the information architecture and interaction design for transactional, informational, and marketing user experiences including web applications, mobile applications and business tools.

Business and Technology Strategist

Leverage technical acument in order to provide world class consulting, architecture, implementation and delivery for entprise customers across the region.

Solution Architect

Craft highly scalable, flexible and resilient cloud architectures that address customer business problems. Translate client’s business requirements into specific process designs, project and organization structure.


Intelligently integrating digital technologies to stay relavant in the technical revolution. From Drones to VR/AR and Voice Activated Devices like Alexa and Google Home, and a full implementation of Home and Commerical Automation.

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My Portfolio

Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.

Digital Refocus

A 3 month project completed with a new brand design, personalized demographic content, and enabled data first with mobile responsive unique website design.See the contrast between before and after pictures. The depth of the colors change, the flow of the story, and the modern unique design approach showcases the companies forward thinking.

Commerical Platform

Gain rich analytics with the platform and control energy consumption for your entire facility environment. An online desktop and mobile application built from the ground up.

User Experience & Design

Simple yet unique individual design sets for customer enabled experiences. Web and Mobile design strategies to best capture the user's attention. To be able to provide the content with a modern design approach.

Architecture & Strategy

Combination of the web and mobile user experience best practices and with the goal setting objectives being able to create dominating user touch points. Thus allowing the user to provide data and have connecting with the client for a long-term relationship.

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